Just call me ‘Doctor’

“Yes, HR does have all your paperwork, Doctor. We’ll order new business cards right away!” 

When Transman’s boss made the announcement that he would officially be going by his male name at work “starting immediately,” his boss added, “and, remember, you can always call him ‘Doctor.'”

Other people might object to the boss offering those who aren’t comfortable using the male name an out, but Transman finds it funny–especially because he’s never insisted upon being called by his academic title anywhere.

“You wanna disrespect me?! Well, then, you’re gonna have to show some respect while you doin’ it, mutherf*&%$#r!”


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10 responses to “Just call me ‘Doctor’

  • Alison

    I guess I can see why your boss did that,not that I agree with it. I just hope that fence doesn’t dig into his ass too hard. And as you say, they are going to have to be respectful calling you “Doctor”, which is pretty formal, so hopefully everyone will be able to use your proper name soon.

    I have to say though that I have decided I want to be called by my professional title now, “Master”. Which makes me one of your arch-enemies…

    The Doctor and Master!!! :)

    (Totally off topic… I loved Tom Baker but David Tennant is my favourite of the doctor’s incarnations. He was cheekier!)

    • transparentguy

      Yeah, I like David Tennant the most, but Tom Baker is the Doctor I remember the most from childhood.

      • Alison

        It was the scarf wasn’t it? I was too scared to watch it when Tom Baker was the doctor so I don’t remember much other than my mother had these really fluffy cushions that tickled my nose when I hid behind them… I haven’t got much braver since, sadly.

      • transparentguy

        The scarf/hair combo are forever seared into my memory. As I analyze this more, I realize how similar that Doctor was to a clown in appearance. All that was missing was oversize shoes and blush. Your fear is understandable.

      • Alison

        It was the daleks!!

        I was convinced their ray could come through the screen… and then my sister would make me watch Hammer House of Horrors with her… The House that Bled to Death has me scarred.

      • transparentguy

        It’s lovely how parallel our childhoods were. My brothers made me watch Creature Feature.

      • Alison

        And yet we both ended up so normal! How is that possible???

        The movie Birds left me afraid of feathers to this day! And I teach Angel workshops which involve feathers… O_O

      • womandrogyne

        Patrick Troughton will always be my first love – but Tennant… How can you not love a man who says “it goes ding when there’s stuff” like that? Sigh.

    • transparentguy

      At least you’re trying to conquer your fears.

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