Updates, updates

“Good evening. I’m Transman and you’re not.” Chevy Chase as Transman.

Things have been a bit busier than usual, so Transman hasn’t kept up with his blog writing, but here is a roundup of the news in brief:

1. Transman’s boss told him he needed to shave.

“But, if I shave it, I can’t finish that budget you were asking for.” Salvador Dali as Transman.

2. A friend who hadn’t spoken to Transman in a long time said she needed to make sure she’d taken her birth control pills because his voice was just that sexy on the phone (admittedly, there was a lot of static on the line).

“Yeah, baby, it’s Transman callin’.” Barry White as Transman.

3. Son 2’s new teacher is just as wonderful as Miss Honey.

“And then after we have story time, we will paint, listen to music, have a snack, and play on the monkey bars!” Miss Honey by Quentin Blake. “Maybe we can even play Twister later!”

4. Transman’s dad still loves him.

“I was kind of hoping we could bond in some other way, Dad. Like … fishing. What would have been so bad about a father-son fishing trip?” Harrison Ford and Sean Connery as Transman and Dad.

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