Friday Five: Make It Funky! (Part 1)

“Come on, Amy! We must find the funk!” Matt Smith as The Doctor as Transman (yes, I’m confused, too.) image

Transman wishes he had a time machine like the Tardis for many reasons. It would be great to skip ahead to Friday at 5:01 p.m. every week. (Yes, I’ve seen the episode of Jimmy Neutron where he sets his time machine so that his birthday is every day. No, Transman did not learn any lessons from the cautionary cartoon tale of too much ice cream and cake). It would also be great to go back in time and relieve that golden moment when soul, jazz, and R&B were beginning to fuse and start evolving toward what would become Funk. The optimism of the ’60s mixed with crazy-on-the-groove backbeats gave the world Summer of Love music that you could really dance to–if you dance, which Transman does not.

Alas, Transman does not have a time machine. But, he does have access to Youtube.

So, without further ado, “get down, get down” or “shake your money maker” or “just do what you can do” and enjoy:

Lee Dorsey “Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On)” is totally groovy Southern soul with a positive message of self acceptance. Lee Dorsey was a real old-school showman and he was in top form when he collaborated with Allen Toussaint.

Charles Wright and the Watts 103 Street Rhythm Band “Express Yourself.” NWA sampled this and brought the song new popularity. After Charles Wright got Ice Cube and the fellas to give credit where credit was due, things were okay.

Sly & The Family Stone “Everyday People.” Feel-good revolutionary music from one of the first bands that reflected the changing face of America with members of different races, sexes, and backgrounds putting it all together to make something new.

James Brown “Get Up Offa That Thing.” He may be called the “Godfather of Soul,” but James Brown was a huge influence on many genres of music from jazz and funk to soul and rock. Brown’s lineups over the years always had ¬†great musicians, including Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis, Clyde Stubblefield, and brothers Catfish and Bootsy Collins.

George Clinton & Parliament “Give Up The Funk.” Pretty sure this is what Mirriam-Webster has next to the word “Funk” in its dictionary.

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