“It’s okay, honey.”

“Do you promise?” Carole Lombard as Transman’s readers. “I promise,” William Powell as Transman. image

Some of Transman’s readers said they were left without anything to say after reading his post about wanting to be able to take his shirt off like all the other guys. Transman wants y’all to know he’s grateful to have people who read and follow and try to understand what things are like on his side of the fence. He also wants y’all to know that even though he’s a little irked about having moobs, he’s generally okay. Don’t be bummed on his account; for one day Transman will have the bucks saved up to have his chest surgery. Then, he’ll happily walk around shirtless, showing off his back hair and pot belly. You’ve been warned.

“What? So, I like the occasional slice of pizza. At least I read.” Johnny Depp as Transman. image

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