Friday Five: Duets!


“Oh, Transman! You have the best taste in music! Simply impeccable!” Another happy listener. image

Two for tea and tea for two … here’s some songs just for you (and you):

Loretta Lynn and Jack White. God, Transman loves Loretta! Jack is pretty damn cool, too. Put them together and it’s a flannel and organza festorgasm.

Ray Charles and Willie Nelson. One of the great duets before Willie started doing them with anyone who would give him $3. Ray’s vocals are totally full of passion in this version.

Sinead O’Connor and Shane MacGowan. Sinead’s voice is angelic and fragile and good ol’ Shane sounds like a train wrecking. If you like this, Shane & Nick Cave are worth checking out.

Tom Waits and Loretta’s little sister, Crystal Gayle, make a surprisingly good pair. Her honeyed vocals are a wonderful contrast to his rasp.

Elvis Costello and Chet Baker. Okay, not strictly a vocal duet, but a lovely version of “You Don’t Know What Love Is.”

Go forth … enjoy the weekend.



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