Eat Your Spam … It’s good for you!

Just like Spam, this blog has international appeal. image

“Outstanding post, I conceive individuals ought to larn a great deal from this web website its truly user genial.”

“This will scare the pee out of Transman one day!” Yul Brynner on the set. Image

Transman is guessing the bot responsible for this delightfully composed piece of spam is a cowboy bot who is trying to make its way up in the world. Sure, Gunslinger Bot uses “larn,” but he also goes for big words like “conceive,” “individuals,” and the poorly punctuated phrase, “truly user genial.”

Transman “larns” new things from the bots who visit his blog all the time. He is curious about the “web websites” the bot mentions. Perhaps there are non-web websites that Transman has yet to see; the world of the non-interwebs is waiting for us! Maybe they are called outerwebs. Anyway, here’s to your health, gentle reader! Enjoy the Spam!

“I’m happy my work is truly user genial, because I would hate for it to be user genitals.” Johnny Depp as Transman.

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