You People Are Weird

“If I photograph my ‘ankles’ and post the pix, I’ll make loads of cash!” Johnny Depp as Transman. image

“I’m never far away, Transman … even when you can’t see me, I’m seeing you.”

Transman took a gander at the search terms that led people to his blog. Understandably, many of the terms can’t be repeated here on this family-friend blog. Those folks were looking for all kinds of transman fetish things–and no, not fetish as in an object worshiped for its magical powers or because it is possessed by a spirit.

Transman was not particularly surprised to find 242 people found his blog by typing in “Johnny depp 2012.” Another 172 found their way with “Barbie face.” Surprisingly more people looked for “Waylon Jennings” (85) and “Slash without glasses” (49) than “Ashley judd wet clothing” (34).

Some version of Johnny Depp, Slash, or Sean Connery dominates the overall Top Ten. Many people in this world have fetishes for certain body parts on Tina Fey, Ashley Judd, Harrison Ford, and Patrick Stewart. Who knew?

“It’s no surprise that I’m in the Top Ten, Transman!” Sean Connery as himself. image 

Transman compiled his own favorite Top Ten search terms that led people to his blog:

10. poutine guns

9. tom waits hearing tubes

8. how do you put voodoo on someone with their toenail cilipping

7. would you buy your wife tampons

6. sean connery chuck Norris ain’t

5. Cockroach tattoo designs

4. I love moobs bracelet

3. How to cut your hair like Keith Richards*

2. I don’t care what you do in your life I have my own

 1. Poutine coloring pages for kids

Transman couldn’t find a Poutine Coloring Page for you, so here’s a map of Canada. image

“Poutine guns? Really?!? Actually, that sounds kinda fun.” Charlyne Yi as herself. image

* Transman has experience doing this. He’ll fill you in later.

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