Friday Five: ’80s Night

“Interesting … most people post pictures of A Flock of Seagulls or Duran Duran for their ’80s Night promos. Thanks for remembering us!” Fun Boy Three as themselves. Image

“C’mon, Transman! They’re playing the Talking Heads! You look just like David Byrne with those glasses!” Janet Jackson as Michelle.

Back in the day, Transman did occasionally indulge in shaking his moneymaker at the local night spots. Well, mostly he just stood around looking troubled and out of place, but he went along with pals like Cristy and Michelle to various watering holes that reeked of clove cigarettes and Boone’s Farm.

“All you have to do is shake your hips … oh, never mind. I forgot about that second left foot of yours. Sorry. Watch my drink, okay?” Linda Evangelista as Cristy.

Michelle and Cristy danced at these places. Transman did not. He leaned against the wall. Except when the DJ played something really special.

Then, he loped out onto the dance floor and sort of bobbed and weaved and tried to make it look like he had a sense of rhythm. No one was fooled.

If Transman could take you back to the mid-80s, here’s what would get him out on the dance floor:

The Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime.” Transman is proud to report this is Son 2’s favorite song. He shouts “I got some groceries! I got some peanut butter!” as we pull into the supermarket parking lot.

Even Transman got a little mopey joy out of Robert Smith of the Cure and “Friday I’m in Love.”

The happy cheery guitar work of Johnny Marr on the Smiths’ “Girlfriend in a Coma” brought a smile to Transman’s heart, but he never showed it on the outside because, like, that wouldn’t have been cool, y’know?

Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” always made Transman tap his toe unobtrusively.

No night on the dance floor was complete until everyone had run out at least once to dance to the Timelords’ “Doctorin’ the Tardis.”

Now, that you’ve had your dancin’ music lined up, burn this post. Transman can’t let it get out that he dug this stuff.

“You go ahead and dance, girls. I’m just gonna stand here and look moody.” Johnny Depp as Transman, circa 1987.

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