Happy Fourth of July

Ka-boom! Image.

Transman really has nothing to say, but he wanted a chance to make his lady-lovin’ readers happy on this day when Americans celebrate their independence with alcohol, explosives, and overeating. Be careful out there kids.

Wait, no, there is something … Transman and Son 2 competed in a watermelon-eating contest. Alas, they lost to a father-teenage son duo who cheated by not eating anything until the contest and making sure to talk loudly about the free ice cream so that Son 2 would go fill up on vanilla ice cream and sugar wafer cones beforehand. Those bastards!

“My day will come!” Jack Nicholson as Transman. Image.

And to round out your Fourth of July, here’s a super creepy video of the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA.” Check out Mike Love shakin’ his groove thang with a beach bunny. Kind of makes you wish you had a time machine, don’t it?

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