Spam(s) O’ the week

The spam in my inbox is ‘crazy tasty’! image

The spambots were working overtime this week. One morning, there were 57 messages in the spam box. Transman usually just deletes everything flagged as spam, but he was curious about the sheer amount of messages, so he looked through them.

“The compiled love letters of Botgirl are the cat’s pmajaas!” Johnny Depp as Transman. Image

Apparently, several spambots were looking for gardening advice a couple of weeks ago because there were a dozen messages from other bots giving advice for growing vegetables in various zones across North America. The most important thing Transman gleaned from their advice was to beware of “Frst.”

One poor botgirl’s relationship had fizzled and she had written to the interwebs for advice. “Recently, my boyfreind broke up with me and I don’t know waht to to. He says he needs space, but I love him. What do I do?” Transman felt bad for Botgirl because her message was so earnest and he had no words of advice or comfort.

Transman’s favorite spam message was short and sweet: “This info is the cat’s pmajaas!”

“Transman! Kitty and I are coming over for a slumber party! Get out the popcorn and Spam!” Image

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