The (Re)Naming Game winners are …

“We’re just here to make Stacie happy.” Robert Downey Jr. as Transman; Susan Downey as Stacie Chadwick.

In the last post, Transman requested help renaming his siblings for the sake of preserving their anonymity while he makes up stories relates anecdotes about them in this blog. Read this for the backstory.

There were so many great entries and compelling arguments made by each contestant. American Transman‘s suggestion of soul names for the six sibs appealed to Transman’s musical tastes. Mike Beaumont’s alliterative names appealed to Transman’s ear (if Mike maintains a blog, T-man can’t find it) as did Louise‘s rhyming names.

Transman couldn’t pick one set of names, so he’s renaming his sibs from a mix of the entries.

His brothers will now be known as:

Chip, Hank, and Friedrich.

His sisters will now be known as:

Twyla Fay (aka Blondie), Sherpa, and Daisy.

Thank you to the following for helping rename the Transclan:

“Okay, so I’m beautiful, smart, and funny. Some girls just have it all.” Catherine Zeta Jones as Michelle.

“Look, T-man, not everyone can be as handsome and witty as me.” Leonardo DiCaprio as Eli.

“I’m sassy, smart, and hot. Sorry, T-man, not everyone’s a winner.” Tina Fey as Cathy.

“Not only am I cute as a button, I actually care about other people.” Ashley Judd as Lynne. Check this too.

“Believe it or not, I’m more comfortable behind the camera.” Uma Thurman as Ann.

“There’s not really anything I can’t do. They coined the term ‘Renaissance Man’ after me.” Anthony Quinn as Joe.

“Oh, there’s lots of layers to me. Take a little listen.” Sara Bareilles as Juno.

Thank you to everyone who read the post and submitted entries. Transman wishes the Transclan was bigger so he could use all the great names submitted.


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