The Friday Five: William Elliott Whitmore

“And this next tune goes out to Transman and his blogging buddies.” William Elliott Whitmore as himself. Image:

Transman’s been working himself to the bone lately and he hasn’t been blogging much. Transman has three jobs, two kids, and one class at the moment. That load is an effin’ lot and you expect him to be creative, funny, and prolific? Well, set the expectation bar on the ground, Mabel, ‘cuz Transman just can’t rise to the occasion (he’s only talking about the work effort here; there’s no double entendre hiding in those words).

Sooooo … what does T-man listen to when he’s beat? Not dance music.

Sometimes, he finds himself some music that sounds almost as weary as he feels. Sometimes, it’s the blues. Sometimes, it’s country. This week, it’s William Elliott Whitmore.¬†This guy is young-ish, but he’s got the voice of a man who’s been around a long time and he combines all kinds of sounds in his music, picking up bits and pieces of everything from bluegrass to hip-hop,and crafting something that is all his own.

Whitmore was raised on a horse farm in Iowa and he has kept close ties to the land; except for touring and an 8-month stint in San Francisco, he’s never strayed too far from the farm. As a child, he lapped up the music his family played. His father was a guitarist; his mother played accordion, and his grandfather played banjo. Whitmore plays guitar and banjo, but really started working on songwriting as a teenager after his parents died. He says the writing helped him deal with the grief in a constructive way.

If you’d like to read more about Whitmore’s take on the craft of writing, what he listens to, and how the environment we inhabit shapes our writing, check out Dan Bullock’s interview with Whitmore in

“Stop yakking and play the damn music, already Transman!” you’re saying. Well, fine … here; check it out:

Now, go get yourself on iTunes and download some of his music.

More information and tour dates can be found here:

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