Strange Affirmations

Transman’s been on testosterone for a little while and when he looks in the mirror, he sees nothing particularly different. Something must be going on, though, because he’s had strangers affirming his masculinity.

He and the lads were on a road trip recently and since Son 2 never heeds the “pee before we head out” advice, they had to stop at a gas station and make use of the facilities. Transman opted to take the lad into the women’s room because he wasn’t sure about the “friendliness” of the town they were in and he didn’t want to cause a ruckus. That attempt to avoid controversy backfired a bit when a woman entered and saw Transman and son washing their hands.

“You’re so handsome I have lost all my navigational powers!” Yvette Nicole Brown as the Bathroom Lady. Image:

“Am I in the men’s room?!” she yelled loudly enough so that it echoed off the walls. She threw the door open again and checked the sign. She didn’t seem too comforted by the sign with the skirt-wearing stick figure.

She came back in eyeing Transman. She gave Transman a sickly smile and tried to recover by tousling Son 2’s hair and saying, “You’re a handsome young man, that’s all. You’re so handsome I just didn’t know where I was.”

Transman didn’t question her logic; he dried his mitts and lit out of there before she could engage them in conversation or offer them “modeling” contracts.

Transman has  a confession to make now. Sometimes, on Fridays, when he’s had a long week and the kids are crying in the car on the long commute home, he breaks down and hits a drive-thru. Yes, go ahead, throw your stones now.

Anyhoo …

Transman and Son 2 made a quick swing through a fast-food place’s drive-thru lane recently. After mumbling out their order, Transman pulled up to the first window and the guy taking the money said, “Hey, Buddy.”

“These glasses got me more lovin’ than my guitar ever did.” Buddy Holly as Transman’s past self. Image:

Transman wondered how the man knew he’d been Buddy Holly in a past life … at least his ability to read past life auras had no effect on the man’s change-making ability. Transman took his $2.63 and pulled up to the next window. Little did he know flirtation was being served up with the value meals that day.

“I’m free after my statistics class tomorrow. My number’s in the bag.” Image:

When they got to the second window, the young man on the other side flashed Transman a dazzling smile. He was wearing a rainbow bracelet, which he spun after he handed Transman the drinks.

“I love those glasses man,” the young man said as he handed Transman the bag of artery-clogging delight and winked.

“Thanks,” Transman said. “Have a good one.”

“Oh I will … later,” the young man said and then he sang, “Friday! It’s Friday!”

Transman laughed and drove off so he could pick up Son 1 and the family could enjoy their slow-death-in-a-bag with fries.

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32 responses to “Strange Affirmations

  • clownonfire

    Well… Will you look at that… Rebecca Black makes an appearance in one of your posts. She just keeps on getting better…
    Le Clown

  • sweetmother

    I’ve missed you, transy. This was a grt read as always. Mother

  • Becky

    It’s nice to get those little (or big) affirmations. Even when they are not accompanied by death in a bag. :)

  • Jessica Sideways

    I agree with everyone else here. This was a very nice post. I’ve been in transition for a few years now and even though I am mostly accepted as a woman in society, it still makes me smile every time someone affirms that. ^_^

  • Jessica Sideways

    Oh and P.S., it looks like a Tim Hortons Drive Up window in the picture. Tim Hortons is a doughnut place up in Canada… their doughnuts are okay (personally, Shipley’s Down in Texas is my favourite place to get doughnuts) but I’d go to Second Cup for hot chocolate if I were back up to Canada.

    • transparentguy

      I have an inner-Canadian just waiting to burst out.

      • Jessica Sideways

        Sounds like that movie aliens…

        Seriously, though – yeah, I know what you mean – probably more seriously as I am planning to immigrate permanently up to Canada as soon as I qualify (in 2015). ^_^

      • transparentguy

        If the Canadians would have me, I’d head up there in a heartbeat.

      • Jessica Sideways

        Well, if you’re interested in finding out, you should check Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website. There are a variety of ways you could qualify. For example:

        * If you have a job that requires a college or university education – you qualify.
        * If you are an artist or athlete that’s self-employed in “cultural activities” for the last two years – you qualify.
        * If you can buy/run a farm, you qualify.
        * If you have been working in Canada on a work permit for the last two years, you qualify.
        * If you have a Canadian degree and then have one year of work experience, you qualify.
        * If you can get a certificate of provincial nomination from a province (not as hard as it sounds, but you’d have to meet certain criteria), you qualify.

        And that’s not even thinking about Quebec. ;-P

  • free penny press

    So you wear Buddy Holly glasses? Hot!!!
    I know you felt all proud and cool inside.. Get ready, more of that to come :-)

  • Alison

    I ADORE getting notifications in my email that you have posted!! Because I know, that no matter how bad my day was, or how great it was, your post will make it better.

    And it did. It really did, you are a wonderful writer and so insightful and witty.

    I am guessing you need to switch to the Men’s Room though!! :)

    You won’t notice changes as they are gradual and you see yourself everyday but maybe a photo project might help you see it – take a photo of yourself every 1st of the month and then compare. You will see the difference then I am sure!

    And please keep posting you are making me happy and I am sure that I am not alone! xx

    • transparentguy

      Thank you for that message, Alison. That made my day.

      I’m still camera shy, but do know I should document this transition to some degree. I won’t remember what I sounded like before testosterone, for example.

  • Alison

    You don’t have to SHOW the pictures to anyone!! They are just for you. Your private pictures that noone sees but you. x

    • transparentguy

      Oh, I know, but I really hate seeing my own image. I don’t even like looking in the mirror. It’s funny I kind of sneak up on mirrors and look at different pieces of my face, but not the whole thing at once. I know, I know: “Transman, you’re cray-cray.”

  • Alison

    Speaking as someone who always holds the camera and is very good at deleting pictures anyone else might sneak of me I totally get your fear of having a piece of your soul broken every time you look in the mirror or have a picture taken. I even rolled down part of the Mourne Mountains in the rain in a wrestling match over the video camera I was refusing to give up. (You have no idea what that means, but it translates as “prepared to die rather than get my image on film”.)

    However, you are transforming into the real you. You are not looking at the old you that made you feel wrong because the outside didn’t match the inside. Inside I am Claudia Schiffer (am I aging myself??) but that will never happen which is why I hate seeing the outside me. Inside you are a man and guess what?? Outside you are too! You are getting your dream of being what you want outside to match your inside and if you can’t see the transformation how can you be convinced?

    Gosh, it sounds as though I am sponsored by Kodak… I’m not… honestly!

    • transparentguy

      If Kodak does happen to sponsor you, get a camera for me and I’ll do the documentary photos just because I’ll feel too guilty not to.

      So, do you ever wonder who Claudia Schiffer is on the inside?

      On a more serious note, I’ve noticed that the eyes of people who have transitioned always look much more full of life and light than in their photos of them in their former lives. It’s really interesting to see how the comfort level actually shows in their faces.

      • Alison


        And if Kodak ever sponsor me I will share with you!

        I think Claudia Schiffer thinks she is Claudia Schiffer, weighing about 10 pounds more than she does, inside. Or maybe she is one of those people who are happy with themselves. I hope she is.

        I wish we all were.

  • Alison

    And please forgive my grammar, my lost dream of being Claudia Schiffer on the outside took over my brain…

  • Eli

    thanks for being a positive presence in my life:


  • creeped

    Buddy holly glasses and a penchant for flannel? You’re totes a hipster :P

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