‘How To Work with Voodoo Potato’

Someone’s bot used that as a search term. At least I hope it was a bot and not a real person looking for something so sinister as voodoo potatoes.

"Me and the Spud Brothers are coming for you!" badly manipulated image:transman and wpclipart.

Completely unrelated (I hope), are some folks who’ve given The Adventures of Transman a shout-out via award nominations. While Transman is kind of lazy and not feeling up to full-participation, he wants to formally say thanks to the following:

Laments and Lullabies–Sara claims she’s looking for a voice and place to fit, but Transman thinks she has a totally distinctive voice and others should be trying to fit in with her:


Meizac’s Blog–a mom who has returned to school with the ultimate goal of making her children call¬† her “Dr. Mommy.” Transman understands. When he finished his Ph.D., he insisted on being called “Professor,” until he realized many who heard the moniker expected him to be stranded on a desert isle. Then, he went for being called “The Doctor,” but then the BBC warned him about copyright infringement:


Eggkins Diet–Transman has a strong dislike for eggs, but he loves Eggkins. In addition to recipes and ideas for getting healthy, Eggkins includes some pretty cool pieces about how the body works and how food is a part of the culture:


Liquorstore Bear–Okay, LB tagged me and I can’t run far without needing my inhaler, so I’m including him here. A blog that has a little of everything and a lot of humor. Liquor reviews, twisted horoscopes, creative pieces … oh just go check it out for yourself:


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